Syntax: DaqCalibrateAIn(DeviceID](AnalogChannel))

Purpose: Measure output of calibration pin to provide calibration of the
input “AnalogChannel” on the device “DeviceID”.

History: 1/10/08 mpr decided to calibrate good times come on!
3/5/08 mpr fixed bug exposed when preference file doesn’t exist

This function was written for the USB-1608FS. It could be easily modified for
a 1208FS, but since there are only two levels of the output on that device it
seems like it would be a bit less useful. If you want to modify this for such
a device, please feel free. Since I don’t have one, I’m not motivated…
If you have a 1608FS, this function walks through the outputs of the
calibration terminal and the gain settings of the analog channel and produces
corrections that will affect the interpretation of numbers derived from other
functions (e.g., DaqAIn and DaqAInScan)). “AnalogChannel” can be a vector
(values range from 0:7) if you want to calibrate multiple channels at once.
Default channel is 0, and if no argument is passed for DeviceID, DaqFind will
be run to see if you have only one device. – mpr

To calibrate a channel, connect the appropriate pin(s) to pin 17. For channel
0, you want pin 1 to pin 17, for channel 1, pin 3 to pin 17, for channel 2,
pin 5 to… you probably see the pattern…

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