USB-1208FS: Configure the external trigger. This function configures the
external trigger for analog input. The trigger may be configured to
respond to either a logic rising edge (“rising”=1) or falling edge input
(“rising”=0). Once the trigger is received, the analog input will proceed
as configured. options.trigger must be 1 in the DaqAInScan command
to utilize this feature.
DeviceIndex” is a small integer, the array index specifying which HID
device in the array returned by PsychHID(‘Devices’) is interface
0 of the desired USB-1208FS box.
“rising” selects the desired edge type (0 = falling, 1 = rising) for the
external trigger.
See also Daq, DaqFunctions, DaqPins, DaqTest, PsychHIDTest.

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