Examples for each function in the Daq Toolbox.
* Analog input/output commands
[data,params]=DaqAIn(DeviceIndex; % Read analog in (works)
[data,params]=DaqAInScan(DeviceIndex; % Scan analog channels (works)
err=DaqAInStop(DeviceIndex); % Stop input scan (works)
params=DaqAInScanBegin(DeviceIndex; % Begin sampling. (works)
params=DaqAInScanContinue(DeviceIndex; % Continue sampling: transfer data from Mac OS to PsychHID. (works)
[data,params]=DaqAInScanEnd(DeviceIndex; % End sampling: data are returned. (works)
err=DaqALoadQueue(DeviceIndex; % Set channel gains (works)
err=DaqAOut(DeviceIndex; % Write analog out (does not work with 1608FS – no analog output)
params=DaqAOutScan(DeviceIndex; % Clocked analog out (does not work with 1608FS – no analog output)
err=DaqAOutStop(DeviceIndex); % Stop output scan (does not work with 1608FS – no analog output)

* Digital input/output commands
err=DaqDConfigPort(DeviceIndex; % Configure digital port (works)
data=DaqDIn(DeviceIndex); % Read digital ports (works)
err=DaqDOut(DeviceIndex; % Write digital port (works)
err=DaqDConfigPortBit(DeviceIndex;% Configure individual port bits (works on 1608FS only; also beware: physical input overrides config)
BitValue=DaqDReadBit(DeviceIndex](BitNo)); % Read single bit from digital port (works on 1608FS only)
err=DaqDWriteBit(DeviceIndex](BitNo)); % Write single bit to digital port (works on 1608FS only)

* Miscellaneous commands
daq=DaqDeviceIndex; % Get reference(s) to our device(s); (works)
daq=DaqFind; % Return DeviceIndex iff one device is connected (works)
err=DaqBlinkLED(DeviceIndex); % Cause LED to blink (works)
err=DaqCInit(DeviceIndex); % Initialize counter (works)
count=DaqCIn(DeviceIndex); % Read counter (works)
data=DaqGetAll(DeviceIndex); % Retrieve all analog and digital input values (does not work on 1608FS)
status=DaqGetStatus(DeviceIndex); % Retrieve device status (works)
err=DaqReset(DeviceIndex); % Reset the device (sort of works)
err=DaqSetCal(DeviceIndex; % Set CAL output (works)
DaqCalibrateAIn(DeviceIndex; % Compare input/output and write calibration data to file (1608FS only)
err=DaqSetSync(DeviceIndex; % Configure sync (works)
err=DaqSetTrigger(DeviceIndex; % Configure ext. trigger (works)

* Memory commands
data=DaqMemRead(DeviceIndex; % Read memory (works)
err=DaqMemWrite(DeviceIndex; % Write memory (works)
data=DaqReadCode(DeviceIndex; % Read program memory (works)
err=DaqPrepareDownload(DeviceIndex); % Prepare for program memory download (works)
err=DaqWriteCode(DeviceIndex; % Write program memory (not adequately tested)
For 1608 DaqWriteCode probably cannot work except in conjunction with a DaqUpdateCode function no one has written
err=DaqWriteSerialNumber(DeviceIndex;% Write a new serial number to device (not adequately tested)

See also Daq, DaqFunctions, DaqCodes, DaqPins, and DaqHelp.

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