USB-1208FS set CAL output.
DeviceIndex” is a small integer, the array index specifying which HID
device in the array returned by PsychHID(‘Devices’) is interface 0
of the desired USB-1208FS box.
“on” is 1 for on (+2.5 V), and 0 for off (0 V).
arguments and logic are the same except that “on” can take more values to
produce a wider variety of results:

on output (Volts)
— ——
0 0
1 0.625
2 1.25
3 2.5
4 5

The calibration terminal is pin 17 on the USB-1608FS.

See also Daq, DaqFunctions, DaqPins, ,DaqCalibrateAIn, DaqTest, PsychHIDTest.

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