Analog input.
“v” is the measured voltage, in Volts, or NaN if no data were received.
DeviceIndex” is a small integer, the array index specifying which HID
device in the array returned by PsychHID(‘Devices’) is interface 0
of the desired Daq device.
“channel” (0 to 15) selects any of various single-ended or differential
“channel” Measurement
0 0-1 (differential)
1 2-3 (differential)
2 4-5 (differential)
3 6-7 (differential)
4 1-0 (differential)
5 3-2 (differential)
6 5-4 (differential)
7 7-6 (differential)
8 0 (single-ended)
9 1 (single-ended)
10 2 (single-ended)
11 3 (single-ended)
12 4 (single-ended)
13 5 (single-ended)
14 6 (single-ended)
15 7 (single-ended)
“range” (0 to 7) sets the gain (hence voltage range):
for single-ended measurements (channels 8-15), range is always +/- 10 V,
and attempts to set ranges other than 0 usually result in saturation, so
setting range in this function does not do anything. For differential
measurements (channels 0-7), the map between range as input to this
function and the output generated is:
0 for Gain 1x (+/-20 V), 1 for Gain 2x (+/-10 V),
2 for Gain 4x (+/-5 V), 3 for Gain 5x (+/-4 V),
4 for Gain 8x (+/-2.5 V), 5 for Gain 10x (+/-2 V),
6 for Gain 16x (+/-1.25 V), 7 for Gain 20x (+/-1 V).
DoNotCalibrate” for 1208FS has no effect

only single-ended inputs are defined, so “channel” is restricted to integers
from 0 to 7. Ignore the manual which claims that gains are restricted to only
four possible values. Thank the linux people for discovering:
0 for Gain 1x (+/- 10 V), 1 for Gain 2x (+/-5 V),
2 for Gain 4x (+/- 2.5 V), 3 for Gain 5x (+/- 2 V),
4 for Gain 8x (+/- 1.25 V), 5 for Gain 10x (+/- 1V),
6 for Gain 16x (+/- 0.625 V), 7 for Gain 32x (+/- 0.3125 V)

DoNotCalibrate” (0 or 1) if non-zero, function does not use information
acquired from calibration measurements (see DaqCalibrateAIn)). This should
probably always be 0 when function is called by a user (hence it defaults to
0). Flag was created for the purpose of acquiring calibration data.
Otherwise subsequent calibration measurements would be fits of fits.

See also Daq, DaqFunctions, DaqPins, DaqTest, PsychHIDTest,
DaqDeviceIndex, DaqDIn, DaqDOut, DaqAIn, DaqAOut, DaqAInScan,DaqAOutScan.

4/15/05 dgp Wrote it.
1/21/07 asg changed normalization value from 2^16 to 2^15 to account for 16th bit as a sign bit (not data bit)
and modified the “range” value help.
6/17/07 mk Add proper sign handling for negative voltages.
12/2x/07-1/x/08 mpr modified to work with USB-1608FS and changed some
terminology; particularly did away with “sign” name
conflict (“sign” is a Matlab function)
6/07/13 mk Try to make it more robust: Retry on no-date received, proper
error handling with error abort on error instead of silent
failure returning NaN. Cleanup.

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