AlphaAdditionTest - Combine planes by OpenGL alpha addition and verify the result.
AlphaBlendingTest - Multiple tests of OpenGL alpha blending.
AlphaBlendSettingTest - Set and readback alpha blending settings by screen; verify match.
AlphaMultiplicationTest - Test alpha multiplication by 0 and 1 for perfect precision.
AlphaMultiplicationAccuracyTest - Test precision of alpha multiplication for values between 0 and 1.
AnalyzeTiming - Analyze timing logs from FlipTimingWithRTBoxPhotoDiodeTest.
AsyncFlipTest - Test robustness and performance of Screen(‘AsyncFlipBegin’) et al.
BatchAnalyzeTiming - Batch version of AnalyzeTiming.
BeampositionTest - Test GPU scanout position (“beamposition”) queries.
CIEConeFundamentalsTest - Test/demonstrate routines for producing cone fundamentals according to CIE 170-1:2006
CIEConeFundamentalsFieldSizeTest - Test behavior of underying formulae as field size exceeds the 10-deg limit of the standard.
CIEXYZPhysTest - Test properties of CIE physiological XYZ color matching function.
CLUTMappingBugTest - Test proper function of PsychImaging ‘EnableCLUTMapping’ task.
Color3DLUTTest - Test PsychColorCorrection() method for 3D-CLUT color correction.
ConvolutionKernelTest - Test routine for correctness, accuracy and speed of PTB imaging convolution shaders.
DatapixxGPUDitherpatternTest - Low level diagnostic of GPU dithering bugs via Datapixx et al.
DeinterlacerTest - Simple correctness test for GLSL video image deinterlacer. INCOMPLETE.
DrawingIntoTexturesTest - Tests if using a texture as an offscreen window, i.e., for drawing, works.
DrawTextFontSwitchSpeedTest - Test speed of text drawing when switching between different font type/style/size settings.
DriftTexturePrecisionTest - Test subpixel accuracy of texture interpolators: What is the smallest
fraction of a pixel that one can scroll, using built-in bilinear interpolation?
eGalaxTrace-*.evemu - Linux evdev traces with recorded single/multi-touch input from an eGalax touchscreen.
FitCumNormYNTest - Fit a cumulative normal to yes-no data. - Input configuration files for FlipTimingWithRTBoxPhotoDiodeTest.m
FlipTimingWithRTBoxPhotoDiodeTest - Benchmark of visual stimulus onset timing and timestamping. See ECVP 2010 poster in PsychDocumentation/
CopyWindowTest - Test CopyWindow functionality.
DaqTest - Test PsychHID and routines to control the USB-1208FS digital acquistion device.
DrawingStuffTest - FrameRect, DrawLine, FillPoly, FramePoly.
FillPolyTest - Test drawing concave polygons.
FitConeFundamentalsTest - Test/explore fitting CIE cone fundamentals with absorbance obtained from nomograms.
FitWeibullTAFCTest - Fit a Weibull to 2AFC data.
FitWeibullYNTest - Fit a Weibull to yes-no data.
FloatTexturePrecisionTest - Test effective precision of floating point 16bpc textures.
FrameSequentialStereoTest - Test routine for timing and stimulus onset on quad-buffered frame-sequential stereo hardware.
GetCharTest - Tests of GetChar.
GetSecsTest - Timing test of clock used by Psychtoolbox, e.g., GetSecs, WaitSecs, Screen
GraphicsDisplaySyncAcrossDualHeadsTest - Test synchronization of refresh cycles of different display heads.
GraphicsDisplaySyncAcrossDualHeadsTestLinux - Linux version of the test.
HDRTest - Perform some basic correctness tests and evaluation for HDR display operation, using a Colorimeter.
HIDIntervalTest - Sample HID keyboard and mouse, plot distribution of detected event times.
HighColorPrecisionDrawingTest - Test drawing precision of a variety of Screen() functions, esp. wrt. high precision framebuffers.
HighPrecisionLuminanceOutputDriversImagingPipelineTest - Test precision of a variety of high precision luminance device output drivers.
JavaClockTest - Timing test of clock used by Java functions (e.g. GetChar))
KeyboardLatencyTest - Get a feeling for keyboard and mouse latency via some sound-based measurement procedure.
LabLuvTest - Test routines that convert to CIELAB and CIELUV.
LoadGenerator - Create cpu load by spinning in an infinite loop. Used in conjunction with FlipTimingWithRTBoxPhotoDiodeTest.
LosslessMovieWritingTest - Test lossless encoding and decoding of video in movie files.
MakeTextureTimingTest - Time texture creation -> upload -> destruction for given texture by MakeTexture et al.
MelanopsinFundamentalTest - Test the PTB routines generate a good melanopsin fundamental.
MonoImageToSRGBTest - Test/demo for routine PsychColorimetric/MonoImageToSRGB.
MultiWindowLockStepTest - Exercise asynchronous flip scheduling and timestamping on multiple onscreen windows in parallel.
MultiWindowVulkanTest - Test multi-window / multi-display exclusive operation under Vulkan.
[OSAUCSTest](OSAUCSTest) - Test OSA UCS <-> XYZ conversion routines.
OSXCompositorIdiocyTest - Test for potential OSX compositor brokeness.
OMLBasicTest - Very basic correctness test for OpenML flip timestamping.
OSSchedulingAccuracyTest - Test timing accuracy of operating system scheduler for timed waits.
PBTAndIsetbioColorimetryTest - Compare PTB and VSET colorimetric calculations.
PosterBatchAnalyzeTimestamps - Batch analysis of timestamp logs generated by FlipTimingWithRTBoxPhotoDiodeTest for ECVP 2010 poster.
PupilDiameterTest - Test functions that compute pupil diameter from luminance.
PutImageTest - Test Screen(‘PutImage’) when used with ‘NormalizedHighresColorRange’.
PsychPortAudioDataPixxTimingTest - Test PsychPortAudio’s timing with a DataPixx device and a audio line cable.
PsychPortAudioTimingTest - Testsignal generator for test of PsychPortAudios timing with external measurement equipment.
QuestTest - Some Quest simulations, more elaborate than QuestDemo.
ResolutionTest - Use Screen Resolutions to print table of display resolutions.
RodFundamentalTest - Test the PTB routines generate a good rod fundamental.
StructsFileTest - Test routines for reading and writing struct arrays to text files.
SyncedCLUTUpdateTest - Visual test of clut write synching to vertical retrace.
TextBoundsTest - Test Screen(‘TestBounds’)
TextBugTest - Look for interference between
TextInitBugTest - Test for failure of ‘DrawText’ default font.
TextInOffscreenWindowTest - Compare text rendered into onscreen and offscreen windows.
TextOffByOneBugTest - Tests for fix off an off-by-one bug in Screen(‘Drawtext’).
TextToStuffColorMismatchTest - Test if text is drawn in the color it was requested to be drawn.
TextureChannelsTest - Test assignment of matrix layers to RGBA texture channels.
TextureSharingTest - Test OpenGL context resource sharing.
TrolandTest - Test colorimetric conversions.
VBLSyncTest - Tests visual stimulus onset timing and timestamping.
VREyetrackingTest - Test eye gaze tracking in VR/AR HMDs and other XR devices.
VRRTest - Test support of your setup for Variable refresh rate mode.
WavelengthSamplingTest - Test conversion between representations of wavelength sampling information.

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