This program tests the CIE cone fundamentals routines, and demonstrates their use.

The goal here is to find parameters that reproduce a set of cone
fundamentals from their underlying parts. That would then let
one vary the parameters of the parts, to get different theoretically
specfied cone fundamentals.

This shows that the standard does an excellent job of reconstructing
the Stockman/Sharpe 2-degree and 10 degree fundamentals if one starts
with the tabulated LMS absorbances. The agreement is less perfect
if one uses the nomogram and recommended lambda-max values to
generate the absorbances. See comment on this point in

The code here is closely related (and uses) a more general set of code
for setting parameters for photoreceptors and computing quantal
sensitivities. See:
DefaultPhotoreceptors, FillInPhotoreceptors, PrintPhotoreceptors,IsomerizationsInDishDemo
IsomerizationsInEyeDemo, ComputeCIEConeFundamentals,
ComputeRawConeFundamentals, CIEConeFundamentalsFieldSizeTest.

8/11/11 dhb Wrote it
8/14/11 dhb Clean up a little.
12/16/12 dhb Added test for rods.
08/10/13 dhb Better integration with the photoreceptor struct code.
03/14/14 dhb Add Smith-Pokorny to 2 degree plot, for comparison.
3/31/17 ms Added documentation of the adjIndDiffParams output args.

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