MultiWindowVulkanTest([nmax=inf][, reverse=0][, screenId=max])

Test multi-window / multi-display operation in fullscreen exclusive direct
display mode under Linux/X11 with Vulkan.

This mostly for regression testing. Currently, as of October 2021, requires
an AMD gpu with amdvlk installed. Or launching multiple instances in separate
processes if you want to test with non-amdvlk drivers (radv) or other gpu’s
like Intel, Adreno etc.
The script allowed to diagnose and fix a X-Server bug in RandR output leasing,
bug fix is part of master, should be part of X-Server 21.1, maybe with a bit
of luck at some point also of server 1.20. For reference, server master commit:

Press any key to close all fullscreen windows again, after they’ve been opened,
and end the test.

Optional parameters:

‘nmax’ number of outputs to test simultaneously.
‘reverse’ Test closing windows in reverse order if set to 1.
‘screenId’ Which screen to test.

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