Tests (and thereby demonstrates) the Psychtoolbox builtin GLSL realtime
deinterlaceshader, an OpenGL GLSL Fragmentshader for on-the-fly
deinterlacing of video images which are given as PTB textures and drawn
via Screen(‘MakeTexture’).

Parameters: ‘imgname’ is optional. If provided, the routine loads an
imagefile of that name as test input, otherwise it creates a synthetic
test pattern in Matlab.

sf - Optional scalefactor, by which the image is scaled in size.

method - Select deinterlace method:

0 = None. 1 = Replacement of lines, 2 = Averaging of lines.

See the shader sources under Psychtoolbox/PsychOpenGL/PsychGLSLShaders
for proper definition of the operations.

What you should see (assuming you did not provide an input image file):

First an image with alternating red- and green color gradients. This is
the interlaced test pattern where even rows contain only red, odd rows
contain only green gradients.

Press a key.

Then, by pressing and releasing a key, the image should alternate between
an all red image (only red gradients of twice the thickness), and an all
green image: This is the alternating deinterlaced even, odd, even, odd
… half-fields of the interlaced image.

End the demo by pressing ESCape key twice.

If you see something else, or just a black screen, or it aborts with
error, then your hardware is probably not capable of running the
deinterlace-shader and you’re out of luck.

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