PsychDocumentation – Bits of documentation for Psychtoolbox

This folder contains help files and info on different topics
related to PTBs use, technical implementation and troubleshooting.

Note that you can now financially contribute to Psychtoolbox sustainability,
upkeep and continued improvement by buying a community membership, which
also includes some priority support for questions regarding its use, or
issues you may have with it. We also offer paid feature development and
other useful commercial services.

Please type ‘PsychPaidSupportAndServices’ to learn more.

ConserveVRAMSettings - Explanation of some flags that you can use to
enable special workarounds in Screen() for
broken graphics drivers or hardware.

ECVP2010Poster_VisualTimingPrecision.pdf - Poster about the visual
stimulus onset timing and timestamping precision
of Psychtoolbox tested on different system
configurations. Presented at ECVP 2010. This
version adds multiple pages of comments and
bonus information. It also contains a few more
datapoints collected after ECVP.

[GStreamer](GStreamer) - Installation instructions for the [GStreamer](GStreamer)
media framework.

HybridGraphics - The state of hybrid graphics laptop support and
how to use them with proper timing.

LinuxGameMode - How to setup Linux performance optimizations via “GameMode”.

Oculus_Health_and_Safety_Warnings.pdf - Info about how to use the Oculus
VR virtual reality headsets safely.

InstallKinect - Installation instructions for the Kinect

UseTheSource - How to get access to the Psychtoolbox source code.

ProgrammingTips.html - A very incomplete programming manual.

PsychPaidSupportAndServices - Our commercial support and service offerings.

SyncTrouble - Problem with synchronization to the vertical
retrace or display timing, and how to resolve

MirrorMode - Special considerations regarding the use or
non-use of display mirror mode on multi display
setups or Laptops.

MultiDisplaySetups - Info on how to handle and use multi display setups.

AntiAliasing - Psychtoolbox facilities for anti-aliased drawing and
how to use them properly.

BeampositionQueries - Some technical information on how stimulus onset
timing is determined by the Screen(‘Flip’) command,
and how PTB tests your setup for proper timing and
synchronization with vertical retrace.

VRRSupport - How to set up and use variable refresh rate (VRR) displays.

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