The [EyelinkToolbox](EyelinkToolbox) can be used to ceate eye-movement experiments and      control the SR-Research Eyelink� gazetrackers      (http://www.eyelinkinfo.com/) from within Matlab.      It is incorporated into the [PsychToolbox](PsychToolbox) (http://www.psychtoolbox.org/).      and uses the functions provided by the [PsychToolBox](PsychToolBox) for graphics and sound.  

For a complete list of available functions type “Eyelink” in the
Matlab command window. For an explanation of any particular Eyelink
function just add a question mark “?” after a command.
E.g. for ‘Initialize’, try either of these equivalent forms:
Eyelink initialize?

[optional arguments]:  
Brackets in the function list, e.g. [remport], indicate optional      arguments, not matrices. Optional arguments must be in order, without      omitting earlier ones.  
If you need examples to get you started, check out the [EyelinkDemos](EyelinkDemos)      folder.  

More information on this toolbox can be found in the file:

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