Psychtoolbox>Eyelink.{mex*} subfunction

[status =] Eyelink(‘OpenFile’, filename [, dontOpenExisting=0])

Opens an EDF file ‘filename’ on the tracker computer, closes any existing file.
If a file of the name ‘filename’ already exists, it will be overwritten!
The optional flag ‘dontOpenExisting’ only exists for backwards compatibility,
and to warn users to *not* use or rely on this flag in their scripts, as it
never ever worked as intended! If it is now set to a non-zero value, then
Eyelink will abort with an error message to that effect, to protect users from
potential data loss. The intended purpose of setting the flag to a non-zero
value was that a data file ‘filename’ would only be opened, and thereby created,
if it would not already exist. Otherwise the function would abort with an error.
According to authoritative feedback from SR-Research, this does not and did not
ever work, and it is currently impossible to implement this
functionality.Returns 0 if success, else error code

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