Psychtoolbox>Eyelink.{mex*} subfunction

[status = ] Eyelink(‘DriftCorrStart’, x, y [,dtype=0][, dodraw=1][, allow_setup=0])

Start drift correction, specify target position with x and y.
If the optional ‘dtype’ argument is zero, the routine eyelink_driftcorr_start()
is called. If ‘dtype’ is one, do_drift_correct() is called. In that case, the
argument ‘dodraw’ selects if Eyelink itself should draw the target (1), or if it
is left to usercode. ‘allow_setup’ if set to 1, will allow eyelink to enter the
setup menu if ESCape key is pressed. Otherwise, eyelink will terminate a running
drift correction on press of the ESCape key.

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