help PsychColorimetricData
help PsychColorimetric

This folder holds colorimetric data in .mat file form.
All data files are in a standard format.

A very useful source for on-line
colorimetric data is the CVRL database:
Many of the functions used here were downloaded from
that source and then splined to the wavelength sampling
used here (with extension by zeros).

B_xxx files contain basis functions. The basis functions themselves
are in the columns of a matrix with name B_xxx. There is also
a 3 by 1 row vector S_xxx that contains the wavelength sampling
information in the form [start delta numberSamples] where start
and delta are in nanometers.

den_xxx files contain optical density data. In log units. To
convert density values to transmittance, take 10^(-den). There
is also an S_xxx vector. Curiously, these are in column vectors
in the .mat files.

spd_xxx files contain spectral power distributions. Data are in
columns of matrix with name spd_xxx. There is also a S_xxx

sur_xxx files contain surface reflectance functions (range 0-1). Data
are in columns of matrix with name sur_xxx. There is also an S_xxx

T_xxx contain color matching functions or spectral sensitivities. Data
are in rows of a matrix with name T_xxx. There is also an S_xxx
vector. All are in energy units, so that multiplying by spectra in
energy (not quanta) gives desired result (often proportional to
isomerization rate).

Specific data files are listed below. Most, but not all, are sampled
between 380 nm and 780 nm at 5 nm intervals (S = [380 5 81]). This is
the CIE standard. Good coding practice requires using the S_xxx vector
loaded with the data and splining to the wavelength sampling you want to work
in. If I were to start this database again, I would have kept each function
at the resolution of its source.

In some cases, the original data were interpolated or extraploated (with zeros)
to put them data onto the CIE standard [380 5 81] wavelength.

See also: EnergyToQuanta, QuantaToEnergy, MakeItS, MakeItWls, MakeItStruct,
SplineSpd, SplineSrf, SplineCmf.

B_cieday - CIE daylight basis functions.
B_cohen - Cohens basis functions for Munsell surfaces.
B_monitor - Basis functions for a color monitor.
B_nickerson - Basis functions for Munsell surfaces.
B_roomillum - Basis functions for illuminants in Brainard’s room.
B_vrhel - Basis functions for Vrhel surface measurements.
den_lens_ws - Relative lens density data (re 700 nm). W&S, Table 1(2.4.6), p. 109.
- This is the first data set in the table, not the Norren and Vos
- data. It is for an open pupil.
den_lens_cie_1 - Part one of CIE component lens density function. CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.10
den_lens_cie_2 - Part two of CIE component lens density function. CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.10
den_lens_ssf - Stockman-Sharpe-Fach (1999) lens optical density spectrum.
- See CVRL database, CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.10, 32 yo, pupil <= 3 degrees.
- This is also the sum of den_lens_cie_1 and den_lens_cie_2
den_mac_bone - Macular pigment density from Bone et al. (1992). See CVRL database, CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.4, 2-deg.
den_mac_vos - Macular pigment density from Vos. See CVRL database.
den_mac_ws - Macular pigment density from W&S, Table 2(2.4.6), p. 112.
spd_appratusrel - Relative spectrum from a monitor. Used by IsomerizationInDishDemo.
spd_CIEA - Spectral power distribtion for CIE illuminant A.
spd_CIEC - Spectral power distribution for CIE illuminant C.
spd_D65 - Spectral power distribution for CIE illuminant D65.
spd_houser - 401 normalised illuminant spectral power distributions from:
Review of measures for light-source color rendition and considerations for a two-measure system for characterizing color rendition
Kevin W. Houser, Minchen Wei, Aurélien David, Michael R. Krames, and Xiangyou Sharon Shen
Optics Express, Vol. 21, Issue 8, pp. 10393-10411 (2013)
The mat file also contains a labels_houser variable, which is a cell array of string labels
for each spectrum.
spd_flourescent - Spectral power distribution for some flourescent lamp.
spd_incanCC - Spectral power distributions for Macbeth color checker patches under some incandescent lamp.
spd_phillybright - Direct bright sunlight measured through window and off of a piece of white paper towel
- on the floor of DB’s office in Philly, March 2013.
- Measurements made with PR-650, power in Watts/[m2-sr-wlband].
spd_xenonArc - Spectral power distribution for some xenon arc lamp.
spd_xenonFlash - Spectral power distribuiton for some xenon flash tube.
sur_krinov - Krinov reflectance measurements. Also has a labels variable.
- These were typed in by Larry Maloney long ago
- and put into PTB format by Danny Garside.
- See this script for code that extracted data
- from the text file as well as some comments about
- it:
sur_nickerson - The Nickerson measurements of the Munsell papers.
sur_macbeth - Reflectance of Macbeth color checker (not accurate, needs updating).
sur_vrhel - Reflectances measured by Vrhel.
T_CIE_Y2 - CIE physiologically relevant 2-degree luminosity function. See CVRL database.
T_CIE_Y10 - CIE physiologically relevant 10-degree luminosity function. See CVRL database.
T_cones_smj - Stockman-MacLeod-Johnson cone fundamentals. See CVRL database.
T_cones_smj10 - Stockman-MacLeod-Johnson 10-degree cone fundamentals. See CVRL database.
T_cones_ss2 - Stockman-Sharpe (2000) 2-degree cone fundamentals. Also the CIE 2006 fundamentals. See CVRL database.
T_cones_ss10 - Stockman-Sharpe (2000) 10-degree cone fundamentals. Also the CIE 2006 fundamentals. See CVRL database.
T_cones_sp - Smith-Pokorny cone fundamentals. Computed using PTB’s JuddVosToSmithPokorny. Each fundamental normalized to a max of 1.
T_cones_sp_orig - Original PTB version of Smith-Pokorny cone fundamentals. Specified between 380 and 780 nm,
- but non-zero only between 400 and 700 nm.
- This is probably because these were typed in by hand long ago from a table that only had data between 400 and 700 nm
- and then zero extended to match the wavelength sampling of other data files.
- It might be good to update these with data over the full specified range.
T_dogrec - Estimates of dog photoreceptor fundamentals. Order in file is L cone, S cone, rod.
T_DCS200 - Sensitivities of a Kodak DCS-200 color camera.
T_ground - Not entirely sure what this is, but it might be ground squirrel receptor sensitivities.
T_Lanom - Demarco et al. anomolous L cone sensitivity.
T_log10coneabsorbance_ss - Stockman-Sharpe (2000) log10 LMS cone photopigment absorbance.
- See CVRL database, CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.6.
- Some S-cone values were unspecified for wls > 615 nm in the table.
- These were filled in here by linear extrapolation.
- Note that you want to raise 10 to these numbers
- to get absorbance, which itself is a log-like quantity.
T_Manom - Demarco et al. anomolous M cone sensitivity.
T_photopigments_ss - Removed. Use T_log10coneabsorbance and raise 10 to it.
T_melanopsin - Melanopsin fundamental as provided by Lucas at
- This is for human observers at the cornea, in energy units. Normalized to peak
- of unity.
T_rods - CIE scotopic luminous efficiency function.
T_stiles2 - Stiles-Burch 2-degree color matching functions.
T_stiles10 - Stiles-Burch 10-degree color matching functions.
T_ss2000_Y2 - Stockman-Sharpe (2000) 2-degree photopic luminance efficiency function. See CVRL database.
T_vos1978_Y - Judd-Vos 1978 photopic luminance efficiency function.
T_xyz1931 - CIE 1931 color matching functions (2-degree).
T_xyz1964 - CIE 1964 supplemental color matching functions (10-deg).
T_xyzCIEPhys2 - CIE XYZ CMF’s based on CIE 2-deg cone fundamentals.
- Obtained in 2016 from CVRL. At this time, these are proposed.
T_xyzCIEPhys10 - CIE XYZ CMF’s based on CIE 10-deg cone fundamentals.
- Obtained in 2016 from CVRL. At this time, these are proposed.
T_xyzJuddVos - Judd-Vos modified color matching functions.

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