[T_cones_sp,S_cones_sp,M_juddVosToConesSp] = JuddVosToSmithPokorny

Load in PTB’s Judd-Vos XYZ cmfs and convert to Smith-Pokorny foveal cone
fundamentals according to the matrix provided on CVRL.

The returned fundamentals are normalized to a peak of 1, to match
longtime conventions within PTB. Unnormalized versions are also returned.

The normalized versions have now been stored in PTB data file T_cones_sp,
with the original PTB versions saved in T_cones_sp_orig.

See notes on cvrl.org about slight discrepancies between various
tabulations of the Smith-Pokorny fundamentals.

Thanks to Danny Garside for pointing out that we should have tabulated
functions that extend beyond 400-700 nm.

7/21/18 dhb Wrote it.

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