[macTransmit,macDensity] = MacularTransmittance(S,[species],[source],[fieldSizeDegrees])

Return an estimate of the transmittance of the macular pigment transmittance
as a function of wavelength.

Allowable species:
Human (Default)

Allowable sources:
CIE (Default) - CIE 170-1:2006 values.
Bone - From Bone et al. See CVRL database.
WyszeckiStiles - From W&S, Table 2(2.4.6), p. 112.
Vos - From Vos. See CVRL database.
None - Unity transmittance.

For the CIE option, can pass fieldSizeDegrees [Default 2 degrees].
This was buggy until the version of 5/8/12.

The Bone values that we use a the basis for this calculation
match those in CIE 170-1:2006, Table 6.4 for a 2-degree observer.

The answer is returned in a row vector. This function
depends on data contained in directory

7/8/03 dhb Made this a separate function.
7/11/03 dhb Species arg, change name.
7/23/03 dhb Change default.
7/26/03 dhb Extend functions, rather than zero truncate.
8/12/11 dhb Fixed default to match comments.
dhb Add CIE option and made it default.
dhb For CIE, can pass field size
dhb Also return density
8/13/11 dhb Linearly extrapolate read functions outside of range.
5/8/12 dhb Fixed two bugs. First, peak optical density correction is
multiplicative rather than additive. Second, there was
an operator precedence grouping error in the computation
of the correction factor.
5/8/12 dhb Removed comment that we can’t reproduce CIE tabular 10 deg values.
9/17/12 dhb Return density for ‘None’ case as well.
8/9/13 dhb More consistent returning of density for ‘None’ case.
8/11/13 dhb Try to make dimensions of returned density match those of returned transmittance.

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