photoreceptors = FillInPhotoreceptors(photoreceptors)

Convert all source strings in a photoreceptors structures
to numerical values, so that the result is ready to compute

The typical usage of this routine would be:

clear photoreceptors
photoreceptors = DefaultPhotoreceptors(‘LivingHumanFovea’);
… statements here set value fields, to override default values
that are either filled in from source or that we directly set.
photoreceptors = FillInPhotoreceptors;

Values supplied for fields that could be computed from other fields
override the computed values, with those computed later in the code
taking precedence over those computed earlier. As of August, 2013
a fair number of checks are in place to throw an error if you
try to override a value that could have been computed from other passed

This routine does not deal with filling in the pupil diameter field of the photoreceptors
structure, which might be a mistake. Pupil diameter is now used in the CIE calculations
for lens density. So perhaps this routine should fill in pupil diameter value of it
doesn’t exist. The problem is that computing pupil diameter from a source requires
knowing the luminance of the stimulus, and this routine definitely does not want
to know that. So perhaps what should happen here is just a check that values needed
exist. See PupilDiameterFromLuminance if you are interested in knowing how pupil
diameter might be determined given luminance.

There are some useful comments towards the end of this routine about how to compute
isomerizations from the absorptances that this routine produces.

See also: DefaultPhotoreceptors, RetIrradianceToIsoRecSec
IsomerizationsInEyeDemo, IsomerizationsInDishDemo, ComputeCIEConeFundamentals,
CIEConeFundamentalsTest, PrintPhotoreceptors.

7/25/03 dhb Wrote it.
8/14/11 dhb Allow pass through of field size, pupil diameter, and age.
Try not to break old code in how this is handled.
4/26/12 dhb Return density as well as transmittance for lens and macular pigment.
8/9/13 dhb Bulletproofing, by putting in a lot more consistency checks, and requiring
the calling program not to pass inconsistent information (e.g., you can’t pass
a nomogram and an absorbance spectrum.)
8/11/13 dhb More checking. Add ability to adjust lens/macular density. Return energy and quantal fundamentals (normalized to unity).
8/12/13 dhb Fixed buglet resulting from forgetting to update after copy/paste.
10/16/13 mk Replace obsolete isstr() by ischar() to future-proof this.
5/24/14 dhb Compute axialDensity.bleachedValue by fractionPigmentBleached.value field, if the latter exists.
This is set to the axialDensity.value field if no bleaching is provided. The bleachedValue number is
then passed to AbsorbanceToAbsorptance.

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