photoreceptors = DefaultPhotoreceptors(kind)

Return a structure containing default sources
for photoreceptor complements of various kinds.

Available kinds
LivingHumanFovea (Default) - Human foveal cones in the eye
CIE2Deg - Leads to CIE 2-Deg fundamentals
CIE10Deg - Leads to CIE 10-Deg fundamentals
LivingHumanMelanopsin - Most recent melanopsin spectral sensitivity in living eye.
LivingHumanMelanopsinTsujimura2010 - Older estimate of melanopsin gc spectral sensitivity in living eye
LivingDog - Canine
GuineaPig - Guinea pig in dish

See also: FillInPhotoreceptors, PrintPhotoreceptors, RetIrradianceToIsoRecSec
IsomerizationsInEyeDemo, IsomerizationsInDishDemo, ComputeCIEConeFundamentals,
RodFundamentalTest, MelanopsinFundamentalTest.

7/25/03 dhb Wrote it.
12/04/07 dhb Added dog parameters
8/14/11 dhb Added fieldSizeDegrees and ageInYears fields to photoreceptors for LivingHumanFovea case.
These defaults match the CIE standard.
4/20/12 dhb Add LivingHumanMelanopsin
5/10/12 dhb Changed name for LivingHumanMelanopsin to postpend Tsujimura2010
8/12/13 dhb Change field order to make printouts look nicer.
11/13/13 dhb Add ‘LivingHumanRod’ and ‘LivingHumanMelanopsin’ options.
5/26/14 dhb Add pupilDimater.value = [] to fix FillInPhotoreceptors.
1/11/21 dhb Comment tuning.

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