FDFDemo(dotDensity, dotLifetime) - Demo of “formless dot field” stimulus
via moglFDF.

This demo generates a simple “formless dot field” random dot motion
stimulus to create “structure from motion” percept by use of the moglFDF
function for formless dot field rendering. See “help moglFDF” for more

The demo shows a simple spinning 3D sphere, rendered as random dot

The following optional parameters can be provided to FDFDemo:

dotDensity = Number of dots to use for both, the background- and
foreground distribution. Defaults to 10000.

dotLifetime = Lifetime of dots in frames. Defaults to 10 frames.

Control keys:

ESCape key finishes the demo.

SPACE key toggles between a slowly rotating sphere and a static sphere.

‘d’ toggles the display between the formless dot field stimulus and some
debug visualization.

‘t’ toggles drawing of foreground dots in the colors defined by the
texture map of the drawn object.

‘r’ resets the distribution to empty, then incrementally recreates it.

‘h’ resets the distribution to a completely new random one.

Arrow left/right control the density of dots, the ‘dotDensity’ paramter
in decrements/increments of 5%.

Arrow up-/down controls the ‘dotLifetime’ in steps of +/- 1.

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