SpinningMovieCubeDemo - Demonstrate use of MATLAB-OpenGL toolbox

This demo demonstrates use of OpenGL commands in a Matlab script together
with the movie playback functions of PTB. It shows a randomly
spinning, three dimensional textured cube. The six sides of the cube
show a quicktime video, loaded and played from a quicktime movie file.

Stop the demo any time by pressing any key.

Notable implementation details:

The implementation is nearly identical as SpinningCubeDemo, so make sure
you understand that file first.

This demo uses the Screen(‘GetOpenGLTexture’) function to make a
Psychtoolbox texture (loaded from the movie) available to
OpenGL for 3D texture mapping.

It opens a movie file and then - in a loop - fetches video images frame
by frame. The images which are stored as Psychtoolbox textures are then
made available as standard OpenGL textures for drawing onto the sides of
the spinning cube.

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