NOTE: This test is mostly useless on current operating systems, a relic of the
past days of OSX on PowerPC. Running it will almost always confuse you without
providing any meaningful information. Don’t bother reporting any bugs or problems
with this script to the Psychtoolbox forum.

PsychHIDTest exercises the PsychHID mex file. We list all the HID
devices on all systems. Please note that the type of devices that
can be listed depends on operating system type. Security mechanisms
in many OS’es prevent listing of certain HID devices, or of details
of certain devices, e.g., keyboards and mice. This is especially true
on MS-Windows, and to a lesser degree on Linux.

On OSX, if you set the optional flag ‘doStupidTests’ to 1, we try to
read from the keyboard and mouse. We try to flicker the keyboard
LEDs. Both due to the brokeness of Apples recent operating systems and
due to limitations of this test, this may not work on many recent
keyboards, so a failure of this test may not indicate real trouble.
That is why the test is disabled by default, to not cause extra confusion.

On non OSX we only list the HID devices, as mouse and keyboard are
not really accessible for PsychHID on MS-Windows, and dangerous to access on Linux.

NOT RESPONDING? If PsychHID is not responding, e.g. after unplugging and
re-plugging the USB connector, try quitting and restarting MATLAB. We
find that this reliably restores normal communication.

web -browser;
See also DaqTest, PsychHID, PsychHardware.

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