TouchQueueCreate(windowHandle, deviceNumber [, numSlots=100000][, numValuators=auto][, keyList=all][, flags=0])

Create a touch queue for receiving touch input from touch input devices
like touchscreens, tablets, touch surfaces, or touchpads.

‘windowHandle’ Handle for a Screen() onscreen window for which touch
should be received.

‘deviceNumber’ Handle for the touch input device. GetTouchDeviceIndices()
allows to enumerate touch devices.

‘numSlots’ Number of input slots for storing touch events. You must empty
the queue frequently enough, so no more than ‘numSlots’ events collect in
the queue, or the queue will stop storing new events and drop information.

‘numValuators’ Number of optional touch device properties to store per
event. Defaults to what the device can provide.

‘keyList’ If the touch queue is also used to receive button input from
physical buttons (or maybe virtual buttons?) from the device, this provides
the list of buttons to accept. See KbQeueCreate for explanation. By default
all buttons are accepted.

‘flags’ Optional flags. This defaults to 0 and is so far unused for touch input.

Once a queue is created its touch data collection can be started via
TouchQueueStart(), stopped via TouchQueueStop(), cleared via TouchEventFlush(),
asked for current number of pending events via TouchEventAvail() and events
can be fetched via TouchEventGet().

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