Contributing to Psychtoolbox

How to help develop the toolbox

With Psychtoolbox-3 we have moved to an open source development model, and we welcome contributions from users like yourself. If you improve a particular M file in the Psychtoolbox, we’ll want to incorporate your improved version into the toolbox. Just send us a patch or a pull request in Github against the psychtoolbox-3/psychtoolbox-3 repo.

How to help impove the website

We welcome user contributions and improvements to this website.

Adding material to the wiki portion only requires a GitHub login. You are encouraged to add FAQ entries there concerning common issues, programming pitfalls, or reports about hardware.

To improve the website itself please click the “Edit and fork this page” below and send us a pull request with your changes.

The website is auto-generated from markdown text in the psychtoolbox-3/ repo.

When you get (or just see) a particularly helpful answer on the forum, we’ll all be grateful if you would add it to the Psychtoolbox FAQ to everyone’s benefit. You may want to edit it a bit, deleting the irrelevant and perhaps making the relevant context more explicit.