BreakLines - Break string into lines and terminators.
CheckDirs - Check if specified directories exist and (optionally) creates them if necessary.
DirList - Recursively lists all directories (optionally also all files) in the specified directory.
FileFromFolder - Returns all files in specified folder.
FindFolder - Find a folder on MATLAB path.
FolderFromFolder - Returns all directories in specified folder.
HDRRead - Generic reader for HDR image files. Dispatches into dedicated readers for different file formats.
LiteralUnderscore - Insert escape (“") before each underscore char in string.
LogVar - Traverses a MATLAB variable and creates a string to represent it. When this string is evaluated with EVAL, the original variable is obtained.
PsychReadImageGStreamer - Reads an image file (or URL) by (ab)using [GStreamer](GStreamer’s ability to read image files like pseudo-movies.
PsychSaveAsEps - Save matrix as an EPS file.
QuoteString - Wraps a string in quotes.
ReadStructsFromText - Read struct array from a tab delimited text file.
ReplaceLineTerminators - Strip and Replace line terminators.
Var2Str - Wrapper for Var2Str that saves a variable to a text file.
WriteStructsToText - Write a struct array to a tab delimited text file.

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