img = PsychReadImageGStreamer(imagefile, win [, uselowprecision=0])

Caution: Experimental implementation - not much tested yet. Here be dragons!

Reads an image file (or URL) by (ab)using [GStreamer](GStreamer’s ability to read image
files as if they were movies. Returns double() or uint8() RGB image matrix
with decoded image in ‘img’ if the image file format is supported by [GStreamer](GStreamer).

This is mostly meant as a fallback for reading exotic image files unsupported
by imread() or HDR files unsupported by our other HDR reading routines. In the
latter case, usefulness might be limited as of [GStreamer](GStreamer) 1.18, as [GStreamer](GStreamer)
only supports unorm value range with up to 16 bpc for some formats, but not
the out-of-unorm float range often needed for HDR imaging data. Might still be
useful though for some high-precision unorm range formats.

‘imagefile’ Name or URL of the image file to load.

‘win’ Onscreen window handle, as we abuse Screen()’s movie playback functions
for this, and they always need an onscreen window handle to work.

‘uselowprecision’ Optional: If set to 1, return uint8() data RGB8, otherwise
return high precision double() matrix which contains single precision float
RGB image data, enough to cover 16 bpc unorm data and up to 32 bpc float data.

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