img = HDRRead(imgfilename[, continueOnError=0][, flipit=0])
Read a high dynamic range image file and return it as Matlab double
matrix, suitable for use with Screen(‘MakeTexture’) and friends.

‘imgfilename’ - Filename of the HDR image file to load.
Returns ‘img’ - A double precision matrix of size h x w x c where h is
the height of the input image, w is the width and c is the number of
color channels: 1 for luminance images, 2 for luminance images with alpha
channel, 3 for true-color RGB images, 4 for RGB images with alpha

‘continueOnError’ Optional flag. If set to 1, HDRRead won’t abort on
error, but simply return an empty img matrix. Useful for probing if a
specific file type is supported.

‘flipit’ Optional flag: If set to 1, the loaded image is flipped upside

HDRRead is a dispatcher for a collection of reading routines for
different HDR image file formats. Currently supported are:

* Run length encoded RGBE format, read via read_rle_rgbe.m, extension is
“.hdr”. Returns a RGB image.

The reader routines are contributed code or open source / free software /
public domain code downloaded from various locations under different, but
GPL compatible licenses. See the help for the respective loaders for
copyright and author information.

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