str = DirList(dirnm,qdispfiles,lim,pref, folderFilter, fileFilter, qRelPath)
recursively lists directories en returns the whole shit
as a string
all inputs except the first are optional
QDISPFILES is a boolean indicating whether files should also be listed
(true, default)
LIM is the maximum number of levels that will be listed (default unlimited (inf))
PREF is a prefix for each node in the directorylist
FOLDERFILTER is to filter out unwanted folders (regexp). If a match
occurs, the directory _IS NOT_ output and not recursed into
FILEFILTER is to filter out unwanted files (regexp). If a match
occurs, the files _ARE_ output. Use e.g. ‘.m$’ to only display files with
.m extensions, ‘.mat$|.m$’ to include all files with .mat or .m files.
default: ‘.’, shows all files.
QRELPATH if true, a listing of existing paths relative to DIRNM. Default

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