UpdatePsychtoolbox([targetdirectory][, targetRevision][, tryNonInteractiveSetup=0])

Update your working copy of the Psychtoolbox with the latest bug fixes,
enhancements, and features from our Git server.

If you are using a Psychtoolbox provided by NeuroDebian, then this is not
needed. You will be automatically notified of updates to Psychtoolbox by
your operating systems update manager as soon as they become available.

The “targetdirectory” argument is optional. If present, it specifies the path
of the Psychtoolbox folder to update. If omitted, UpdatePsychtoolbox will
update the Psychtoolbox folder reported by PsychtoolboxRoot(). Examples:


The “targetRevision” argument is optional and should be normally omitted.
Normal behaviour is to upgrade your working copy to the latest revision.
If you provide a specific targetRevision, then this script will
*downgrade* your copy of Psychtoolbox to the specified revision. This is
only useful if you experience problems after an update and want to revert
to an earlier known-to-be-good release. Revisions can be specified by a
revision number or by the special flag ‘PREV’ which should downgrade to
the revision before the most current one. By executing this script
multiple times with the ‘PREV’ specifier, you could incrementally
downgrade until stuff works for you.

UpdatePsychtoolbox cannot change the beta-vs-stable flavor of your
Psychtoolbox. To change the flavor, run DownloadPsychtoolbox again.

The optional parameter ‘tryNonInteractiveSetup’ if provided as 1 (true), will
try a setup without user interaction, not asking users for input in certain
situations, but assuming an answer that keeps the setup progressing. Note that
this is not guaranteed to work in all cases, and may end in data loss, e.g.,
overwriting an old and potentially user-modified Psychtoolbox installation.
This non-interactice setup mode is highly experimental, not well tested, not
supported in case of any trouble!

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