USAGE: result=EyelinkDoDriftCorrect(el [, x, y, draw, allowsetup])

NOTE: This function is deprecated, unmaintained, and not recommended anymore.
Use EyelinkDoDriftCorrection() for a modern solution instead.

el: eyelink default values
x,y: position of driftcorrection target
draw: set to 1 to draw driftcorrection target
allowsetup: set to 1 to allow to go in to go to trackersetup

Note that EyelinkDoDriftCorrect() internally uses Beeper() and Snd() to play
auditory feedback tones if el.targetbeep=1 or el.feedbackbeep=1 and the
el.callback function is set to the default PsychEyelinkDispatchCallback().
If you want to use PsychPortAudio in a script that also calls EyelinkDoDriftCorrect,
then read “help Snd” for instructions on how to provide proper interoperation
between PsychPortAudio and the feedback sounds created by Eyelink.

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