function Beeper(frequency, [fVolume], [durationSec]);

Play a beep sound. Default is 400 Hz for .15 sec.
frequency can be a number, or else the string ‘high’, ‘med’, or ‘low’.

fVolume - normalized to range of 0 - 1. Default is 0.4;
Warning: 1 is the maximum volume and is often very loud!

NOTE: Beeper() uses Snd() internally. If you want to use Beeper() - and therefore
Snd() in parallel with PsychPortAudio, read the notes in “help Snd” about pahandle
sharing, especially about Snd(‘Open’, pahandle, 1)!

Funny name is because Matlab 6 contains a built-in function called “beep”.

2006-02-15 - cburns

  • Added fVolume param
  • Swapped parameter order

2006-02-02 - cburns

  • Scaled down the volume of the sound to match the system volume better. It was at maximum volume.
    Would scare you enough to rip the bite bar off it’s mount!
    And switched to using the sound() function, instead of the soundsc() function
    which, by default, maximizes the volume.
  • Update, using the PsychToolbox Snd function which should return immediately.
    Were experiencing delays with sound function

12/2/00 Backus - original version

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