A folder with some simple but potentially useful Edulogger functions, for
using Edulogger devices from Neulog:
contributed by Todd Parsons ( ) under MIT license.
Some modifications were made by Mario Kleiner to put them into an acceptable
format for Psychtoolbox contributions.

These are “as is” with no expectation of completeness, and NO TESTING was
performed by Mario or Todd on the versions contained here, because Todd did
not respond in time for the release, and Mario does not have the required
Edulogger equipment for proper testing. That’s why these files are in the
PsychContributed folder, instead of the PsychHardware folder where properly
tested and maintained code would go. USE AT YOUR OWN RISK, THIS IS UNSUPPORTED

The original code can be found in this pull request:

The Edulogger API docs can be found under:

This code may work on Linux, Windows and macOS with the Edulogger API server
running on the local host on which Psychtoolbox/Octave/Matlab is running.

It requires the webread() function, which is supported by Matlab R2014b or
later, and by GNU/Octave 6.0 or later.

EdulogRun Run Eduloggers and return captured data.
EdulogPlot Plot data returned by EdulogRun().
EdulogTest A simple correctness test for EdulogRun and EdulogPlot.
EdulogClapTest A more complex test for EdulogRun and EdulogPlot.

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