Scripts and software contributed by Psychtoolbox users and
third-party tools and software that are used in Psychtoolbox. These
third-party tools are covered by different licenses which allow distribution
with Psychtoolbox, but are not neccessarily free-software or open-source.
See the descriptions below or the help files of the functions for
exact licensing conditions of individual contributions.

linux_blacklist_kinectvideo Blacklist file for Linux, to be copied into the
/etc/modprobe.conf/ directory. Disables the Linux
standard video driver for Microsoft Kinect box. Allows
use of the Kinect with PsychKinect() driver et al.
See ‘help InstallKinect’.

ATIRadeonperf ATIRadeonperf_Linux and ATIRadeonperf_Windows.exe are
compiled Linux and Windows executables that are called
as helpers from the function PsychGPUControl() via a
system() call, ie., they execute in the system shell as
separate processes.

                         These binaries perform the actual GPU setup work on behalf  
                         of [PsychGPUControl](PsychGPUControl)() using ATI/AMD proprietary low-level  
                         API's. The API's are available to registered developers from  
                         AMD/ATI as "ADL SDK" without royalty fees. While the SDK  
                         license does allow redistribution of executables using the  
                         SDK, it doesn't allow redistribution in source code form.  
                         For that reason, these tools are only made available as  
                         precompiled binaries for your use, not under any open-source  
                         or free-software license. The tools were compiled by Mario  
                         Kleiner, so contact him if you have further questions about  
                         the tools.  

AutoBrightness Helper function AutoBrightness allows to control the
setting of the “Automatically adjust brightness” control
on Apple OSX, ie., it allows to control if display brightness
should be automatically adjusted based on ambient light, or not.
This uses AppleScript for its job. It may not work reliably on
future OSX versions and will not work on other operating
systems. Tested on OSX 10.10. Contributed by Denis Pelli. Zip file containing the Microsoft Windows
drivers and installer that are needed to
use the Microsoft XBOX Kinect under
Windows. Type “help PsychKinect” for more
infos. The PsychSourceGL/Cohorts/
file contains corresponding source code.

x64/libusb-1.0.dll This is the 64-Bit windows version of libusb-1.0 for
64-Bit Matlab from …
The dll is used by PsychHID on MS-Windows.
It is licensed under LGPL v2+. You can get a
more recent version of this dll from the
website mentioned above if you like.

                         The corresponding source code can be found  
                         in the [PsychSourceGL](PsychSourceGL)/Cohorts/libusb1-win32/  
                         subfolder after you have downloaded the full  
                         ptb source (help [UseTheSource)](UseTheSource)). Configure OS X priority. DO NOT USE ANYMORE!

ple Prints useful debugging output, including a stack trace in case
a script exits via rethrow() or psychrethrow(). See help ple for
copyright info.

read_rle_rgbe Reader routine for RLE encoded RGBE high dynamic range images.
See help read_rle_rgbe for copyright & authorship info. This is
a helper routine for ReadHDR - the recommended function for user

vcredist_x64_2015-2019.exe Microsoft Visual C++ 2015-2019 runtime 64-Bit
redistributable installer. You must use this
to install the Visual C runtime if you want
to use the Psychtoolbox for 64-Bit Matlab on
Microsoft Windows.

vcredist_x64_2010.exe Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 runtime 64-Bit
redistributable installer. You may need this
to install the Visual C runtime if you want
to use the Psychtoolbox for 64-Bit Matlab on
Microsoft Windows.

WinJoystickMex WinJoystickMex is a very simple/rudimentary
joystick driver for basic query of position
and button state of joysticks under
MS-Windows, written by Mario Kleiner. The
code is contributed under GPLv2.

WinTab/ This folder contains the (unsupported!)
WinTabMex MEX file driver (and its C source
code) for controlling touch/digitizer
tablets via the WinTab API on Microsoft
Windows operating systems. It also contains
some basic usage instructions and two M-File
demos, contributed by Andrew Wilson.

gpuclockctrl A version of gpuclockctrl compiled for 64-Bit Linux on Intel.
This should be part of FeralInteractive’s gamemode package,
but was missing at least in the v1.3.1 ppa, so we deliver
our own copy as a stop-gap measure until the Ubuntu ppa’s
are fixed. Gets auto-installed by PsychLinuxConfiguration if
appropriate. Works at least on Ubuntu 18.04-LTS and 19.04,
with NVidia and AMD graphics.

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