Run specified Eduloggers for a specified duration at a specified temporal

“port” is the port Eduloggers are connected to, this is visible on the
Neulog API window. “dur” is the duration (s) of the clap test, it must be
at least 15s for any response to be visible. “sps” is the number of
samples the edulogger should take per second, up to a maximum of 5.
“loggers” is a one dimensional cell array, with each string specifying
the name of a different Edulogger as described in the Neulog API

“output” is a structure generated by running an Edulogger experiment,
consisting of the following fields: Time: The time (s) since the start of
the experiment of each sample. (double) Concern: Whether or not each
sample took more than twice the specified sample rate to retrieve
(logical) An additional field for each kind of Edulogger used, containing
the measurements taken at each point in data.Time. Fieldnames should line
up with the names specified in “loggers”.

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