Demos which were written specifically for the ECVP 2013 tutorial.

See Psychtoolbox/PsychDocumentation/PTBTutorial-ECVP2013.pdf for

As opposed to best practices, these demos don’t use the “function” key
word at the top, so it was more easy to display content of various
variables while stepping through code with the debugger during the
tutorial session.

The demos show the new PsychDefaultSetup(2); setup function and use a
normalized color space between 0.0 and 1.0 instead of classic 0-255.

HelloAlphaDemo - Shows most basic alpha blending.
HelloAnimationDemo - Shows most basic timed animation.
HelloGaborArrayDemo - Shows use of floating point blending.
HelloShapesDemo - Shows how to draw different shapes.
HelloSpiralTextureDemo - Shows how to draw with textures as stencils.
HelloWorldDemo - Shows how to open a window and say hello.

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