PsychtoolboxPostInstallRoutine(isUpdate [, flavor])

Psychtoolbox post installation routine. You should not call this
function directly! This routine is called by DownloadPsychtoolbox,
or UpdatePsychtoolbox after a successfull download/update of
Psychtoolbox. The routine performs tasks that are common to
downloads and updates, so they can share their code/implementation.

As PsychtoolboxPostInstallRoutine itself is downloaded or updated,
it can contain code specific to each Psychtoolbox revision/release
to perform special setup procedures for new features, to announce
important info to the user, whatever…

Currently the routine performs the following tasks:

  1. Clean up the Matlab/Octave path to Psychtoolbox: Remove unneeded .svn subfolders.
  2. Add the PsychJava subfolder to the static Matlab class-path if neccessary.
    This enables the Java-based GetChar support on Matlab.
  3. Add the PsychStartup.m routine to Matlab’s startup.m file on Windows.
  4. Perform post-installation checks and basic troubleshooting.
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