PsychtoolboxPostInstallRoutine(isUpdate [, flavor])

Psychtoolbox post installation routine. You should not call this
function directly! This routine is called by DownloadPsychtoolbox,
or UpdatePsychtoolbox after a successfull download/update of
Psychtoolbox, or by SetupPsychtoolbox after an in-place installtion.
The routine performs tasks that are common to downloads and updates,
so they can share their code/implementation.

As PsychtoolboxPostInstallRoutine itself is downloaded or updated,
it can contain code specific to each Psychtoolbox revision/release
to perform special setup procedures for new features, to announce
important info to the user, whatever…

Currently the routine performs the following tasks:

  1. Clean up the Matlab/Octave path to Psychtoolbox: Remove unneeded .svn subfolders.
  2. Add the PsychJava subfolder to the static Matlab class-path if neccessary.
    This enables the Java-based GetChar support on Matlab.
  3. Add the PsychStartup.m routine to Matlab’s and Octave’s startup.m file on Windows.
  4. Set the proper pathes to Psychtoolbox and its mex files.
  5. Perform post-installation checks, configuration and basic troubleshooting.
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