SetupPsychtoolbox - In-place setup of PTB without network access.


This script prepares an already downloaded working copy of Psychtoolbox
for use with Matlab or Octave. It sets proper paths and takes care of
special setup operations for various things.

The optional parameter ‘tryNonInteractiveSetup’ if provided as 1 (true), will
try a setup without user interaction, not asking users for input in certain
situations, but assuming an answer that keeps the setup progressing. Note that
this is not guaranteed to work in all cases, and may end in data loss, e.g.,
overwriting an old and potentially user-modified Psychtoolbox installation.
This non-interactice setup mode is highly experimental, not well tested, not
supported in case of any trouble!

Installation is a three step procedure:

  1. Download and unpack a full working copy of PTB into your target
    folder. Obviously you need to somehow get a copy, either via conventional
    download from a computer with network connection, visit this URL for that
    Or from a helpful colleague or copied from some other machine.

  2. Change your Matlab/Octave working directory to the Psychtoolbox installation
    folder, e.g., ‘cd /Applications/Psychtoolbox’.

  3. Type ‘SetupPsychtoolbox’ to run this script.

If you get stuck, post your question to the forum:

Please specify your full name and the version of your operating system,
MATLAB or Octave and Psychtoolbox.

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