AreaUnderROC - Compute the area under a ROC function.
ComputeLogistic - Compute value of logistic function.
ComputeNakaRushton - Compute values of the Naka-Rushton function.
ComputeOptimalBeta - Compute the optimal decision criterion for Normal.
ComputeWeibTAFC - Compute Weibull for TAFC psychometric functions.
ComputeWeibYN - Compute Weibull for Y/N psychometric functions.
CumNormYNFitFun - Fit cumulative normal for TAFC experiments.
DbToLog - Convert between decibels and log units.
FindAlphaWeibTAFC - Find the alpha parameter for TAFC experiments.
FindEpsWeibTAFC - Find the epsilon parameter for TAFC experiments.
FindThreshWeibTAFC - Find threshold from Weibull parameters for TAFC
FindThreshWeibYN - Find threshold from Weibull parameters for YN
FitCumNormYN - Fit comulative normal for YN experiments (uses optimization toolbox).
FitLogistic - Fit a logistic function.
FitLogitYN - Fit a logistic function for YN experiments.
FitNakeRushton - Fit a Naka-Rushton function to data.
FitNakaRushtonFun - Error function for FitNakaRushton.
FitWeibAlphTAFC - Fit Weibull with beta fixed, for TAFC (uses optimization toolbox).
FitWeibTAFC - Fit Weibull for TAFC experiments (uses optimization toolbox).
FitWeibYN - Fit Weibull for YN experiments (uses optimization toolbox).
GiveFeedback - Give auditory feedback.
InvertLogistic - Invert the logistic function.
LogToDB - Convert from log units to decibels.
NormLikelyRatio - Compute likelihood ratio for two Normal distributions.
NormLogLikelyRatio - Comptue log likelihood ratio for two Normal distributions.
NormalROC - Generate the ROC curve for a normal distribution.
SimWeibTAFCObs - Simulate a Weibull observer.
WeibAlphTAFCFitFun - Error function for FitWeibAlphTAFC.
WeibTAFCFitFun - Error function for FitWeibTAFC.
WeibYNFitFun - Error function for FitWeibYN.

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