[response] = ComputeNakaRushton(params,contrast)

Compute the Naka-Rushton function on passed vector of contrasts.
Several different forms may be computed depending on length of
passed params vector.

length(params) == 2
sigma = params(1)
n = params(2)
response = contrast^n/[contrast^n + sigma^n]

length(params) == 3
Rmax = params(1)
sigma = params(2)
n = params(3)
response = Rmax*[contrast^n]/[contrast^n + sigma^n]

length(params) == 4
Rmax = params(1)
sigma = params(2)
n = params(3)
m = params(4)
response = Rmax*[contrast^n]/[contrast^m + sigma^m]

8/1/05 dhb, pr Wrote from FitLightnessOrient version
8/2/07 dhb Rewrote to allow several different forms depending
on length of params.
12/5/10 dhb Expanded comment. Error check on input length
9/23/13 dhb Fix BAD bug. This wasn’t computing what the comments said it was.
Not sure when that crept in. The contrast in the numerator was
being divided by sigma before being raised to the power n. No idea why.

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