Give auditory feedback about correctness of respose. One beep for
correct, two beeps for incorrect. Some labs (e.g. dgp) prefer
a short beep for correct, no sound for incorrect. One could
easily add a flag to this routine to allow this behavior.

3/5/97 dhb Wrote it
1/25/00 emw Added platform conditionals
3/8/2000 dgp Fixed platform conditionals
4/14/00 dhb Fix call to Snd for windows.
4/13/02 dgp Eliminate obsolete calls to SndPlay. Just call Snd on both platforms.
It’s important to specify the sample rate, because the default is
11/15/03 dhb Wait for sound to complete before returning. Failure to do so
was causing problems when Snd(‘Close’) was called by calling

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