WARNING: This function is deprecated and will likely cease to work
in a future Psychtoolbox release. This is due to Apple deprecating
their Gestalt() function from their operating system. While Gestalt,
and thereby this function, still works on OSX 10.10, no guarantees
can be made about future OSX versions.

Adapt your code accordingly to do without this function.

OS 9 and OS X: __________________________________________________________

AppleVersion(‘qtim’) % QuickTime
AppleVersion(‘atkv’) % AppleTalk
Uses Gestalt to retrieve Apple version information and returns a string.
Apple has a “standard” format for versions, e.g. 3.0f7 or 8.0.1, that
they use for some of their software components. APPLEVERSION uses GESTALT
to retrieve the information. However, this is only useful for the few
Gestalt selectors that return information in this “standard” format.
If the selector is undefined (possibly because that software is
not present) APPLEVERSION returns an empty string.

WINDOWS: ________________________________________________________________

AppleVersion does not exist in Windows.


see also: Gestalt, Screen(‘Computer?’), MacModelName

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