gestaltBits = Gestalt(selector)

OS X: ___________________________________________________________________

Gestalt calls the eponymous Macintosh system function Gestalt, a
general-purpose function that reports on particular features of your
computer. Gestalt accepts “selector”, a four-character string identifying
the feature you wish to query and returns “gestaltBits”, a 32-element
logical array holding the result of the query.

For example:

gestaltbits = gestalt(‘sysa’)

 gestaltbits(32) will be 1 if run from a 680x0-based Macintosh, while  
 gestaltbits(31) will be 1 if run from a [PowerPC](PowerPC)-based Macintosh.   

For a list of four-character selector codes, see the Carbon Gestalt
Manager Reference
web ;

If the call to Carbon Gestalt returns an error then MATLAB Gestalt returns
the error code in a double instead of gestaltBits in a logical array.
Gestalt error codes are:

gestaltUnknownErr -5550 An unknown error.
gestaltUndefSelectorErr -5551 An undefined selector was
passed to the Gestalt Manager.
gestaltDupSelectorErr -5552 You tried to add an entry
that already existed.
gestaltLocationErr -5553 The gestalt function ptr was not in the
system heap.

In MATLAB 6.0 and greater the Psychtoolbox supplies Gestalt. Gestalt is a
work-alike implementation of the identically-named function previously
provided by MATLAB. The only differences between Psychtoolbox Gestalt and
MATLAB Gestalt are:

  1. Psychtoolbox Gestalt returns a struct holding information about
    itself when passed ‘Version’, for example:
    >> Gestalt(‘Version’)
ans =   
     version: ''  
       major: 1  
       minor: 0  
       point: 3  
       build: 62269826  
        date: 'Dec  7 2004'  
        time: '17:10:26'  
      module: '[Gestalt](Gestalt)'  
     project: 'OpenGL Psychtoolbox'  
          os: 'Apple OS X'  
    language: 'MATLAB'  
     authors: [1x1 struct]  
  1. Psychtoolbox Gestalt will return the error code in the event of any
    Gestalt error. MATLAB Gestalt will return the error code in the
    event of error code -5551. Its behavior for other error codes is

OS 9: ___________________________________________________________________

In MATLAB versions below 6.0 MATLAB supplies Gestalt.

WINDOWS: ________________________________________________________________

Gestalt does not exist in Windows.


See also: Screen(‘Computer?’), MacModelName, AppleVersion

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