TCP_UDP_IP - Network comunication with other applic. & remote matlab control.

This is version 2.x of the tcp/udp/ip Toolbox by
Peter Rydesaeter with support from Mario Bergeron, Mike Medeiros
Se the pnet.c file for more information.

(C) 1998-2002 Peter Rydesaeter, Mitthoegskolan Oestersund
GNU Public License, Se pnet.c for more license information.

Contents.m This help file.
whatsnew.txt Version history, whats new in each version
todo.txt What to do in future versions
pnet.m Help file for use of pnet
pnet.c C-source file for the pnet mex-file.
pnet.dll mex-file for Windows
pnet.mexglx mex-file for matlab 6.x under Linux
pnet.mexsol mex-file for Solaris
pnet_getvar.m Receives any matlab variable.
pnet_putvar.m Sends any matlab variable.
pnet_remote.m Remote control of matlab sessions.
popmail_demo.m Demo of how to get to of mail from POP3 mail server.
udp_plotter_demo.m Demo of how to receive UDP packets.
udp_send_demo.m Demo of how to send UDP packets
webget_demo.m Demo of how to get a webpage from a webserver
webserver_demo.m Demo of how to write a simple webserver. Lates public version of the old 1.x tb.

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