% compatability notes
with the version released in July 2010, comes a small backward compatibility issue.
To enable new functionality, much to the toolbox changed under the hood.
Most important and most often requested feature has been added, namely
the eye on the subject PC. Note that it is presently being shown without the
yellow eye cursor.
This requires a little different ordering of initializations, setting defaults and
opening windows. Please check the supplied demo’s to see how this is done.
To make everything work how it used to do ,
you’ll need to add a parameter to EyelinkInit.
So, use:

USAGE: [result dummy]=EyelinkInit([dummy=0][enableCallbacks=0])

dummy: Omit, or set to 0 to attempt real initialization,

enableCallbacks: Omit, or set to 0 for operation without callbacks and
without display of eye camera images on the Subject PC.

With these set, things should work as they used to (but you’ll loose the eye-image!).

Frans Cornelissen,
Santa Barbara, 29th July 2010

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