USAGE: [result dummy]=EyelinkInit([dummy=0][enableCallbacks=1])

dummy: Omit, or set to 0 to attempt real initialization,
set to 1 to enforce to use initializedummy for dummy mode.

   If regular initialization fails, it will provide option  
   for dummy initilization.  

enableCallbacks: Set to 0 for operation without callbacks and
without display of eye camera images on the Subject PC.
Omit or set to 1 for callback and video display operations
during tracker setup, drift correction with the default callback
dispatcher function PsychEyelinkDispatchCallback.m.
Provide namestring of your own dispatcher function if
you want to enable callbacks and video display with a
non-standard, customized dispatcher.

Optional return arguments:

Returns result=1 when succesful, 0 otherwise
Returns dummy=1 when initialized in dummy mode, 0 otherwise.

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