Demonstrate simple use of built-in video marker tracking engine.


VideoPluginCaptureDemo([deviceIds=all][, syncmode=0][, movieName])

VideoPluginCaptureDemo captures simultaneously from all cameras
connected to your computer, or a subset of cameras if it is specified
in the optional vector ‘deviceIds’, and then shows their video feeds
in individual Psychtoolbox windows.

The optional ‘syncmode’ flag allows to select synchronization strategy
for multi-cam capture: 0 = None, all free-running. 4 = Software sync,
8 = Firewire Bus-Sync, 16 = Hardware (TTL) trigger sync.

The optional ‘movieName’ string, if provided, will enable video recording
of each cameras video into a dedicated movie file, which consists of the
movieName and a unique camera number.

By default, a capture rate of 30 frames per second at a resolution of
640 x 480 pixels is requested, and the timecode and interframe interval
of each captured image is displayed in the top-left corner of each window.
A press of the ESCape key ends the demo. The demo also ends automatically
after a timeout of 10 minutes is reached.

This demo has various hard-coded parameters which allow you to tinker with
things like Bayer filtering on the camera, versus on the host cpu, versus
offline later on during playback of recorded video, to select different
tradeoffs between quality, cpu load, speed and bus bandwidth use. It also
allows to play with high bit depth (> 8 bpc) color and luminance formats,
lossless video recording and other bits and pieces. Change the variables
as you see fit and read the source carefully.

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