VideoCaptureLatencyTest([texfetch=0][, fullscreen=1][, depth=1])

This routine tests the latency of Videocapture for
a given Camera -> Computer -> PTB -> gfx-card -> display combo.

Working principle and usage:

  1. Point camera to monitor so that cameras field of view captures monitor
    display area.

  2. Calibration: First a black screen is shown to the cam and captured to
    find the average intensity of an image of a black display.
    Then (over ten trials), the screen turns white and the script measures
    the time delay between onset of white screen and arrival of a captured
    image with at least 25% more intensity than the ‘black’-image – our
    white image. This procedure is repeated 10 times and latencies averaged.

-> Rough estimate of delay from scene change to arrival of frame.
-> You have to add the display onset delay if captured image should be
shown to subject for video feedback loops.


texfetch == 0 Measure only capture latency. 1 == Measure texture fetch
latency as well. 2 == Measure drawing and onset latency as well.

2/9/06 mk Written.

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