VideoCaptureDC1394 - Setup instructions for IEEE-1394 firewire video

Psychtoolbox on GNU/Linux and MacOSX supports a special video capture
engine for IIDC compliant machine vision cameras connected via IEEE-1394
firewire bus or via USB bus and Firewire-over-USB protocol.

This engine with engineID 1, as selectable via …
Screen(‘Preference’, ‘DefaultVideocaptureEngine’, 1)
… provides especially precise low-level control over the cameras, high
framerates, low-latency and high timing precision.

The engine is based on the open-source library libdc1394. For more info
about it see ‘help VideoCapture’ in the section about professional class
video capture engines.


On Linux, usually no installation is required if you use the Psychtoolbox
provided by Debian or Ubuntu via the Debian main package archive or the
NeuroDebian project. If you have a different Linux distribution, you’ll
need to install the “libdc1394” package via your distributions software
manager, e.g., via “sudo apt-get install libdc1394” on a Debian based

The software manager on Linux will keep your system up to date with the
latest stable version of the library.

On MacOS/X for 64-Bit Matlab & Octave: Screen() links dynamically against
a system-installed .dylib version of the library, if such a version is
installed on your system. A precompiled library can be found in the
Psychtoolbox/PsychVideoCapture/ subfolder as libdc1394.22.dylib. Copy it
into the /usr/local/lib/ folder via executing this function
‘VideoCaptureDC1394’ and entering your administrator password on request.
The corresponding source code of this library can be found in the source
code distribution of Psychtoolbox (see “help UseTheSource”) under:
PsychSourceGL/Cohorts/libDC1394/ as libdc1394-2.2.0.tar at the moment of
this writing. However, you can download the most recent copies of the
libraries from libDC’s sourceforge website anytime and install it instead
to get access to the latest features and bugfixes. Another way to get the
library installed is via Homebrew: “brew install libdc1394”.

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