[oldSetting, status] = AutoBrightness([screenNumber=0][, newSetting])

OBSOLETE: Use MacDisplaySettings instead. It’s faster and more reliable.
To support old programs we have rewritten this to simply call
MacDisplaySettings. However, it’s probably best to replace your call to
AutoBrightness by your own call to MacDisplaySettings, using what’s below
as a model. If you need AutoBrightness you probably also need more of the
controls offered by MacDisplaySettings.

AUTOBRIGHTNESS. Get and set the “Automatically adjust brightness”
checkbox on the Mac OS X: System Preferences: Displays panel. The
function argument “newSetting” (integer 0 or 1) indicates whether you
want to turn the autobrightness feature on (newSetting==1) or off
(newSetting==0). If you call without an argument (or anything other than
0 or 1) then nothing is changed. The current state is always reported in
the returned oldSetting (0 or 1). The optionally returned “status” is
always zero unless the applescript failed.

HISTORY: Written by for the Psychtoolbox, May 21,

  1. Incorporated into MATLAB adding untested code to specify which
    screen, by Mario Kleiner, June 1. Convert return argument from string to
    double, by Denis, June 11, 2015. Replaced by a call to the new
    MacDisplaySettings (as suggested by Mario) Denis Pelli, May 6, 2020.

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May 6, 2020,

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