[xyY,Xx,trix,Xy,triy,XY,triY] = MunsellGetxyY(angle,value,chroma,munsellData[,Xx,trix,Xy,triy,XY,triY])

Get the xyY coordinates of a specified Munsell renotation by
interpolating the passed table.

The table should have 6 columns: angle, value, chroma, x, y, Y.

For chroma below 2.0, we interpolate x,y,Y for chroma of 2, and
then adjust x,y by linear interpolation between chroma 0 and 2,
using the chromaticity of a zero chroma sample as (0.3101, 0.3162).
This is the chromaticity of illuminant C. We think this is right.

11/21/08 dhb, ijk Wrote it.
12/01/08 ijk Added interpolation for low chroma samples.
ijk, dhb Tried to make it go fast by allowing precomputation.
12/22/08 ijk, dhb Change y chromaticity of CIE C to .3162, to match standard (was .3163).

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