This folder contains various example xorg.conf files
for use on Linux with the X11 “X-Display” graphics

These config files configure different multi-gpu or
multi-screen configurations, where one or multiple
graphics cards can be grouped into one or more x-screens
aka Psychtoolbox Screens for use with Psychtoolbox for
potential multi-display stimulation, of for having a
separate “operator display” with desktop GUI and Octave
or Matlab, and a separate “stimulation display(s)” for
visual stimulation with Psychtoolbox and one or more
onscreen windows.

These samples were all successfully tested with various
NVidia and AMD single and dual graphics card configurations
with single display, dual-display, triple-display and quad-
display setups, so they are all known to work.

You will need to adapt some samples though for your specific
display setup, so these are just meant to serve as a reference.

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